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Support Coordination

Support Coordination

Mental Health Recovery

Mental Health Recovery

Support Coordination

Action your NDIS plan and access support with confidence

We support you to connect with quality services that support your goals: 

  • access daily living supports in the home
  • support to access the community
  • support to access medical and mental health professionals
  • access suitable and affordable housing
  • access support to meet peers by joining groups of interest
  • access all mainstream services including women's services, child/youth services and men's services
  • access an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Podiatrist, and Physiotherapist who can recommend Assistive Technology and home modifications to cater for your disability support needs
  • support to find employment or access study
  • support to explore recreational and leisure activities
  • support to access Community Hubs and social or peer groups
  • access Advocates, Administrators and Guardians
  • access Forensic and Specialist Behavioural Intervention Services
  • and more....

Choice and Control

We explain your NDIS plan and how it all works.  

We provide you with choice and control of your support services.  

We establish, maintain and review professional service linkages with you.  

We ensure your services are providing what you want and need.  

We assist you in resolving any issues with your services.  

We help you setup and navigate your NDIS portal enabling you to track funding and the processing of any self managed funding items.   

We will ensure financial intermediaries are setup and processing invoices in a timely manner. 

NDIS Communication

We attend all planning meetings with you and support you to obtain funding for what is necessary and reasonable. 

We submit NDIA mandatory regular reports for funding and unscheduled reviews for additional funding. 

If you are not happy with the NDIS or your plan, we can support you to submit complaints and feedback to the NDIA and we link you in with advocacy services when necessary.

Mental Health Recovery

How we Support Your Mental Health Recovery

  • We work with your strengths and explore strategies that work best for you.  
  • We support you to develop a greater understanding of your mental health diagnosis. 
  • We provide you with options and linkages to clinical and community mental health supports and services that will support your recovery. 
  • We foster confidence to manage those bad days and experience more good days. ​
  • We provide support to families and carers.
  • We collaborate with GP's, Psychiatrists, Clinical Case Managers and Allied Health Professionals to ensure you are well looked after.
  • We abide by confidentiality and professionalism.

We are Experienced and Qualified Community Mental Health Support Coordinators

iCare Connections staff have over 14 years of mental health training. We are honest, passionate and non-judgemental.

We know the local community and can provide linkages to quality mental health supports and services. 

We support you in the home and support you to access a range of social and recreational activities in the community so you can enjoy yourself and have some fun.

We listen to you and we get to know you...

Our Commitment to You